Glenn Matanza is a well-rounded, dynamic fitness and performance coach who helps individuals to make the transition from being unfit to having a better lifestyle with a more balanced outlook to reach optimum health and attain success in any goal.

Glenn has been coaching since 1999. Over the years he was able to grow to be more versatile to a lot of styles of teachings in fitness and recovery, and was able to witness how they developed and evolved. He is a well-educated nutritionist and performance coach, and an experienced athlete currently competing in short distance to ultra-distance triathlons (70.3s and Ironmans). He made it a point to continue competing so he can go on to become a constant student of the sport and industry to further widen his coaching abilities.

When he was 28 years of age, Glenn suffered from a back injury that made him undergo a major back surgery, which devastated him as a sports competitor. After the surgical treatment, he had to start from scratch to regain the energy and all the effort that he lost, while trying to look for something else to get back in shape. Because of that experience, he became even more optimal with his method of fitness and added it to his objectives to guarantee a much safer approach for his clients so they can avoid any kind of injuries and discomfort to the body while achieving their goals.

He helped a lot of regular individuals to maintain and improve their health, recover from injuries and physical challenges after major medical illnesses and with him being a father of two, a competitive runner and triathlete, Glenn understands how balance between family and healthy lifestyle works, and he is committed to coaching individuals with the sometimes overwhelming challenges of trying to stay fit and healthy while still running a wholesomely household.

“When you are balanced, you can take the wheel and steer it to endless possibilities and you feel good doing it,” says Glenn. “Seek balance…health, fitness, and performance will follow…”

While raising his family, Glenn spent over ten years as a personal fitness coach, corporate trainer  Glenn has worked with notable celebrities and personalities such as Rod Stewart, Larry King, Danny Manning, Sylvester Stallone, David Hasselhoff and Victoria McMahon. Today Glenn offers a wide range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching (wellness, exercise and fitness, nutrition, multi-endurance sports and bodybuilding) to seminars and keynote speeches.

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