Personal Training and Functional Health/ Medicine Coaching

  • Health Performance 
  • Functional and Injury Prevention Program
  • Lifestyle and Sports specific training/ Performance
  • Body Tuning and Weight Loss

We offer complete guidance to reach your fitness and nutrition goals, with zero guesswork. Our method of health and exercise coaching begins with detailed profiling and history to identify your individualized need. We then use this information to design a cutting-edge customized exercise program with complete nutritional and lifestyle support.

Nutrition Strategy

  • Consultation/meal planning
  • Performance Nutrition for Specific goal
  • Cooking Seminars
  • Custom Meals

How can you go wrong if you are in control of your food intake.? Learn optimal meal/snack preparation and “eating out strategies” to support your health and fitness goal. My nutrition approach will help restore your body’s metabolic balance. This will enable you to maneuver your body’s ability to tackle and succeed in any fitness and health goal

Triathlon and Endurance Sports Coaching and Services

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced Multi-sport athlete who wants complete guidance? Matanza Method utilizes a combination of research-based coaching, nutritional guidance, and educated strength training to achieve optimal results in every athlete, no matter what the goal.

Our coaches offer multiple services including the following

Detailed training plans for triathletes and runners.
We have two group workouts a week offering personalized training and camaraderie with fellow athletes. Our personal trainers are experienced strength and conditioning coaches providing any athlete with a well balanced fitness level. Our nutritionist will work with you to improve your food intake and get you at your best race shape. We offer our athletes individualized fresh meals at affordable prices to help take the guess work out of meal preparation. We have built an experienced performance team including sports chiropractor and massage therapist, registered dietitian, and strength and conditioning coaches.

Meet our coaches
  • Skill building
  • Testing- Power, Threshold, Swim/Run/Bike Video Analysis
  • Detailed, non-generic, periodized training plans
  • Coached Group Workouts
  • Strength and Conditioning Sessions
  • Training and Racing Nutrition
  • Performance team- Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, ND, DO/MD resources

Bike Fit

Complete and dynamic bike fit performed by F.I.S.T. certified fitter, cycling/triathlon coach and personal trainer. We will utilize advance and technological tools paired with our extensive knowledge and experience as professionals and athletes to get the rider in optimal position for fitness and sport performance. We take into account that everyone is different in terms of fitness level and history. Careful assessment of morphology, mobility, stability and flexibility of the rider is performed during the session.


Total Wellness Coaching Program

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Executive Team Building Event/Clinic

Wellness coaching consists of methodologies directed to the whole person, not just physical health, but to all the aspects of living well.

As persons become increasingly aware of healthy choices, and live purposefully, then individual wellness will lead to wellness in families, wellness in relationships, communities and perhaps even lead toward wellness for our planet! It is all interconnected.

Workplace promotion of wellness and education for the tenets of living well is one solution to skyrocketing health care costs. Multiple studies support the fact that a physically fit employee is happier, healthier, and more productive. Fit employees create a fit company, and with health costs and the costs of running a business rising, you now have a way to simultaneously cut expenses and create a happier employee.